A Digital Marketing Strategy Is Based On Three Key Ideas:

Make the client come, make him or her to stay amnd to take action. WSI is your privileged partner to assist you in making your company develop and grow.

A successful strategy is a well-thought-out strategy. Therefore, WSI uses a specialized methodology called “Digital Marketing Framework”. This technology has six phases:

  • Global Discovery
  • Internet Business Analysis
  • Build
  • Implement
  • Measure
  • Manage Results

These phases are crucial if you want a strategy that works properly. Click here to get more information about our Digital Marketing Plan.

Requirements For A Digital Strategy:

A Clear Business Strategy

Your digital strategy is the continuation of your global business strategy. Therefore, this basis has to be strong and you have to keep matching with your marketing methods if you want this digital strategy to be successful. After that, you have to clearly establish the points that you want to develop through your digital strategy.

Draw Up A List Of Your Unique Selling Propositions

You need to have drew up a list of products or services that you are the only one to offer or that you master perfectly. That will be the cornerstone of your digital communication.

A Precise Definition of Digital Presence’s Goals

You have to clearly define your primary and secondary goals and then establish targets, actions and measurements results for each of them.

Three Key Ideas For A Digital Strategy

  • Attract clients thanks to coherent contents well referenced in order that web search engines find you easily.
  • It only takes a few seconds to make your prospective customers stay or leave. Therefore, you have to segment your targets and establish contents appropriated to them.
  • Make them take action is at the same time the easiest and the hardest task. Your website has to convince clients click after click to take the expected action. To do so, your site has to be built as a funnel.

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