Today, Internet is Part of our Society, So Customers Use this Medium to get to Know You

Your company’s online reputation depends on a lot of factors such as:

  • What clients say on forums
  • Satisfaction the clients get from your products or services
  • Your reputation on social media
  • Different contents posted about you

This solution’s asset: We establish a management plan for your reputation to control your image and what people say about your business.

Difference Between Monitoring And Management Of Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation monitoring (ORM)

The ORM is divided in two different parts; the monitoring and the management of your online reputation. The first one monitors what people say about you on the Internet by using various software and alerts to notify you when someone talks about you on web.

Your online reputation management

The management does not “simply” monitor your audience but interacts with persons talking about you or your products. Remember that people barely go further than Google’s first page and that your ranking is determined by both “good” and “bad” ads.

The Pros of a Good Online Reputation Monitoring (ORM)

  • Improve your clients’ satisfaction
  • Win back clients (by giving a compensation to the displeased ones)
  • Increase your clients’ loyalty (through your presence and dialogue)
  • Reduce costs (by acting at the source)
  • Learn more about your clients’ expectations (and cater to them)

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