Paid Search: Increase Your Traffic and Performance With WSI

Paid search is the web indexing technique that ensures you an instantaneous and optimal presence on web search engines’ first pages and on directories. Google popularized that advertising campaigns’ system that is charged according to the number of clicks —Pay Per Click.

A PPC campaign usually consists of a four-lines-advertisement. Through a bidding system, you can manage to have a good positioning for your advertisement when specific key words are typed.

WSI masters Adwords. It’s an advertising system that belongs to Google and allows advertisers to post their sponsored links and manage their various online campaigns.

Highly Targeted, Highly Efficient

It has been proved that PPC advertising campaigns are particularly efficient for small businesses. Why? Well, read the following advantages:

Targeted visitors

PPC advertisements only appear when you type key words associated to them, which means that your visitor is inevitably looking for the product or the service you offer. As you can imagine, this is of significant importance because you’re more likely to increase your conversion rate.

Control of your budget

You can choose the budget you spend for your PPC campaign’s clicks. WSI assists you to find the right balance between your sponsored links campaign and the other elements of your digital marketing.

Sponsored links – an economic and profitable solution

PPC solution allows precise control and optimization of your marketing budget since you only pay when a visitor clicks. The number of clicks is one of the major performances’ indicators of a sponsored links campaign.
WSI can assist you in the managing of your PPC campaign, in particular in the optimization of your work, the establishment of a budget, the choice of advertising platforms, the search of key words, the establishment of a schedule etc.

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