Get A Successful Organic Search With WSI Adaptive SEO

Get A Successful Organic Search With WSI Adaptive SEO

Organic search is more than ever a key lever to ensure you the best digital visibility. But usual practices that worked yesterday are now obsolete. Web search engines, particularly Google, often change their algorithms and force those who want to keep high rankings to constantly adapt themselves.

Created by WSI, “Adaptive SEO” methodology offers you a 5-steps-approach to optimize your digital presence on a long-term basis.

1: Search for key words and competition (15%)

This is the basis of your whole Adaptive SEO strategy. During this first stage, you search for key words and analyse their competitive intensity to find those that create more traffic and convert more visitors into customers.

2: SEO technical baseline (25%)

Technical baseline is the second step you cannot miss. Your web indexing will depend on your site architecture, its design appropriated to all kind of supports, your tags… All these technical aspects improve the quality of the client’s experience and thus the quality of your site seen by web search engines.

3: Content marketing optimization plan (45%)

To adapt yourselves to web search engines’ algorithms you also have to provide your site with content (text, images, and videos). It’s not enough to have good key words and a technically outstanding site. The most important is to provide your site with content with added value, i.e. which allows you to get in touch with your public, catch its attention and build a long-term relationship with each visitor. In short, to turn the visitor into a regular client.

4: Publish, socialize and share! (10%)

Your site’s organic search also depends on your presence and activity on social media. Interact with your public on social networks: comment, tweet, like…in one word, share!

5: Measure and improve! (5%)

Last step is to measure your performance with relevant indicators that you chose (impressions, recovery rate, unique visitors, key words rank, organic traffic, etc.), and adapt your web indexing strategy.

Then do it all again! Because the WSI Adaptive SEO methodology is an iterative process, a 5-steps-loop that you have to implement constantly to keep high rankings!

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